Suomen Ilmavoimien Historia 3B Finnish Air Force History – Book Review

Fokker D.XXI Wasp Stenman I
Suomen Ilmavoimien Historia 3B

By Kari Stenman & Kalevi Keskinen

Hobby-Kustannus oy (Press)

4th Fully revised edition, 2000.

B5 (250 X 174mm) Size with laminated soft covers.

Main text in Finnish with an English Summary including the individual aircraft histories.

Photo captions throughout are bi-lingual.

  •  80 Pages on satin art paper
  • 4 Pages in colour
  • 131 pictures
  • 6 colour profiles
  • 2 pages of scale drawings

Price 24 Euros (price applicable at the time of publishing) please see the Stenman publications website for further details:

Delivery by mail, postage will be calculated and added to the order.

Payments can be made by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard.

Fokker D.XXI Wasp Stenman III

Review Summary

This book was an invaluable resource in the construction of the Special Hobby 1/48 Fokker D.XXI (Wasp) Sarja 4, featured in the previous post on this website (Below).

The book is positively packed with pictures, 131 in total in clear, crisp, high-definition.


Fokker D.XXI Wasp Stenman IV

There were 55 examples of the Wasp junior version of the Fokker D.XXI used by the Suomen Ilmavoimat (Finnish Air Force). Each of these aircraft is detailed with a brief description of the individual Wasp Fokker service histories in English towards the back of the book.

The narrative in English summarises the service life of the aircraft from its purchase just before the Continuation War in 1941, to its entry into squadron/unit service which covers in detail the 5 squadrons that the Wasp Fokker served in from 1941 through to its final days in post-war service at the Air Fighting School in 1947.

Each Squadron history gives a brief description of where each unit was based, including specific dates; The tasks that the units were required to perform, aerial encounters, combat sorties and useful details such as the numbers of flights or Sub-divisions of aircraft within each unit, including the names of the Flight Commanders and the names of the Squadron Commanders are included in the text.

Fokker D.XXI Wasp Stenman II

The Squadrons covered are:

  • Lentolaivue 30
  • Lentolaivue 10
  • Lentolaivue 14
  • Lentolaivue 12
  • Täydennyslentolaivue 12

The 131 exceptional black and white photographs give an excellent visual history and timeline of the admirable service of the Wasp Fokker D.XXI.

Fokker D.XXI Wasp Stenman V

There is a wealth of visual and written reference material for the modeller and historian contained within these pages. I was struck in particular by how well maintained and serviced the Wasp Fokker D.XXIs appeared to be. Very few showed signs of any wear and tear, which I reflected in my example of the Special Hobby Fokker D.XXI (Wasp) on this websites’ previous post.


A black and white picture of the aircraft that I modelled (FR-157) can be seen in this volume at the bottom of page 45.

This book is an excellent reference for both modellers and historians. Stenman Publications never seem to disappoint.

Highly recommended.

Fokker D.XXI Wasp Stenman VI

Richard Reynolds.

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