WingnutWings 1/32 Fokker D.VII (OAW) In-Box Review

Fokker D.VII (OAW) In-Box Review

Wingnut Wings 1/32 scale


Summary Catalogue Number: Wingnut Wings Kit No. 32030 – Fokker D.VII (OAW)

Scale: 1/32

Contents and Media: 213 parts in grey injection moulded plastic, including 22 exclusive parts to build aircraft made by the Ostdeutsche Albatros Werke in Schneidemühl. Two frets in clear plastic; eight photo-etched parts; markings for five camouflaged aircraft.

After-Market Accessories: Decals; Fokker D.VII in the Finnish Service, AML decals 1/32 scale AMLC 2 017. GasPatch Models German WWI Airspeed Indicator in 1/32 scale & GasPatch 1/32 Metal Turnbuckles ‘Type C’.

Price: (At the time of publication) £79.99 available from Hannants UK.

Review Type: In-Box

Advantages: Well Engineered. The surface detail is excellent. The representation of fabric, tape, exterior and interior precision is outstanding. The mouldings are of the highest standard. Included is a photo etched fret containing seat-belts, cooling jackets and gun-sights for the Spandau machine guns. The comprehensive decal sheets are in perfect register with minimal carrier film. The full-colour 32 page instruction booklet is the only reference material the modeller will require to complete a fine example of this aircraft.

Disadvantages: None.

Conclusion: The Fokker D.VII is one of the iconic aircraft of World War I. In fact in 1918 the Jasta’s almost exclusively operated the type due to its outstanding performance. The Aircraft comes with the added benefit of minimal rigging, which will appeal to the inexperienced modeller. Highly Recommended.

Introduction To my knowledge WingnutWings is the only manufacturer which provides everything the modeller requires (except the paint and rigging material) to finish the product to a high standard. The Full-Colour instruction booklet in outstanding, it is well laid out  and contains easy to follow step-by-step build sections which are neatly colour coded which enables you to easily distinguish between the parts and includes clear and easy to understand  painting icons with reference to a well laid out paint reference chart at the beginning of the manual. The manual stands out in having 55 colour and black and white photographs which correspond to each stage of the build. I have read the manual carefully from cover to cover three times now and still find it fascinating.

32 Page Manual
32 Page Manual

I have always been fascinated by World War I subjects, but have been put off by the amount of rigging required. This kit not only has a very simple strut arrangement but also has very little rigging which makes it an ideal subject for crossover into biplanes. I couldn’t resist buying a set of GasPatch Models ‘Type C’ Turnbuckles for the limited amount of rigging and a German WWI Airspeed indicator, which is suggested as an after-market option in section 13 of the manual.

GasPatch 1/32 German WWI Airspeed Indicator
GasPatch 1/32 German WWI Airspeed Indicator
GasPatch 1/32 Turnbuckles 'Type 3'
GasPatch 1/32 Turnbuckles ‘Type 3’

Lifting the Lid First impressions are of a professionally presented product. There are 8 sprue frames contained within polyurethane bags, the clear and etched parts are similarly packaged as are the decals, the decal bag contains no less than 6 Cartograf decal sheets with markings for 5 aircraft. The surface texture of the moulding is outstanding, including stitching, wrinkled fabric and panel lines which are either raised or recessed as appropriate. It struck me after reading the manual that this kit appears to be fairly easy to build. A great deal of thought has gone into not over-engineering this kit, as is evident by the two piece upper wing and separate ailerons. This thoughtful manufacturing and attention to detail makes the kit in my opinion worth the money. The same level of thought and planning has gone into the cabane struts. These are moulded in one piece and include solid locating tabs ensuring a strong bond once fitted.

Upper Wing
Upper Wing

6 Sprue The wings do not require any rigging due to the revolutionary design of this aircraft. The one-piece N-Plane struts benefit from large locating pins which will no doubt make the fit easier.     The cockpit interior is fully fitted out. Not your usual ‘bucket seat and control column’ arrangement but bulkheads, fuel tank, ammunition bins and an instrument panel ornamented with individual instruments. 7 Sprue The Mercedes D.III Engine is a jewel. The reference booklet contains 11 colour photographs of the engine and in some respects the Mercedes D.III supplied in this kit could be constructed as model in its own right.

8 Sprue
Mercedes D.III Engine parts

10 Sprue

Lower Wing
Lower Wing

9 Sprue

The photo etch fret contains seat-straps, cooling jackets for the Spandau machine guns and gun-sights. Markings  There are six excellent quality Cartograph decal sheets supplied in this kit with a choice of 5 different aircraft to choose from. I shall only be using the sheet containing the rib tape as I have opted to finish my example as a Fokker D.VII in the Finnish Service using AML decals 1/32 scale AMLC 2 017. Therefore I will not be reviewing the decal options supplied in this kit. For an excellent review of the marking options, I recommend that you look at Rob Baumgartner review of this kit on the hyperscale website.

PE Spandau cooling jackets, gun-sights and seatbelts.
PE Spandau cooling jackets, gun-sights and seatbelts.
Clear Parts
Clear Parts

AML 1/32 Decals for the Fokker D.VII in Finnish Service

AML Decals – National Markings
3 Decals
Aircraft serial numbers
Fokker D.VII in the Finnish Service.
Fokker D.VII in the Finnish Service.
Fokker D.VII Decal Options
Fokker D.VII Decal Options

Conclusion WingnutWings have surpassed themselves. This looks to be an excellent product and superior in all aspects of engineering and production. The 32 page reference manual adds another dimension to this already outstanding project, there are no more excuses, here is a World War I subject that is an achievable project for all modellers. Highly Recommended.

Richard Reynolds.

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