Royal Marines in battle to save HMS Ocean from being sold

The Plymouth Herald, By J Lewis, 30 April 2017

The Royal Marines have reportedly launched a last-ditch bid to save Plymouth-based warship HMS Ocean from being sold next year.

The Commandos are said to be fighting an internal battle with the Royal Navy to save what is the UK’s only helicopter-carrying ship, which could soon become part of the Brazilian Navy’s fleet.

They want the Navy to keep HMS Oceanthe subject of a recent three-part Channel 4 documentary – because the vessel is designed to support amphibious landing operations.

It took part in the start of the Iraq War in 2003 and served in Libya in 2011.

The sale of the 28,000-ton vessel would mean the Royal Marines could not launch any major amphibious assaults until 2023, when the new aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales enters service, according to the Daily Mail.

The Ministry of Defence said: “A number of options are being considered for the future of Ocean. It is too soon in the process to discuss what those options might be.”

8 thoughts on “Royal Marines in battle to save HMS Ocean from being sold”

      1. When are those in power ever going to look at the wider picture. Fine scrap it, but at least wait until we have a replacement. Considering the tensions in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Korea to name but a few, you’d have thought we would retain ships like this until a more appropriate time.

      2. I don’t think that politicians or the brass at the Navy take logic into consideration when making these decisions. Someone has decided that in order for us to have both carriers, HMS Ocean has to go, unfortunately, as you point out Andy, their timing is lousy. I found out yesterday from a reliable source that HMS Queen Elizabeth will be a fixed-wing aircraft carrier, but the Prince of Wales will serve as HMS Ocean’s replacement as a commando helicopter carrier. Has the world gone mad? The carriers have cost £3.1 billion each and are designed to carry a fully-integrated air-group. HMS Prince of Wales wasn’t designed to be a commando assault ship – as it stands, it will be the most expensive helicopter carrier on the planet!

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