Russia’s new Ice class patrol ships – The latest addition to their Arctic arsenal [VIDEO]

This Is Russia’s Warship Built Specifically For Arctic Fighting.

Russia has ordered two of the 6,800 ton displacement, 374 foot-long Project 23550 Ice class patrol ships, which are more like polar Corvettes.

The vessels will carry the latest version of the Kamov Ka-27, the Ka-27M, the latest modification of the helicopter, equipped with radar and tactical command system that includes the following systems: acoustic, magnetometric, signals intelligence and radar with active phased array antenna FH-A. Radar mounted under the fuselage and provides allround visibility in the search and detection of surface, air and ground targets. Serial upgrading to the level of combatant helicopters Ka-27M was planned to begin in 2014. Until the end of 2016, 46 Ka-27PLs planned to modernization, commissioned by the Russian Navy. The first 8 serial Ka-27M, transferred in December 2016.

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