Top Russian official says Moscow ready to sell affordable weaponry to Serbia

Buk anti-aircraft missile system.

TASS Russian News Agency, 2 June 2017

Serbia has shifted its focus on obtaining the Tor and Buk anti-aircraft missile systems rather than the S-300 missiles. It’s final decision on any purchase will depend on the country’s budget, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told reporters on Thursday.

“The S-300 is an expensive system,” he said. “It costs really a lot and does Serbia have enough funds to pay for it?” “Serbia is much more interested in creating a close-combat air-defense network and for this purpose we have the Tors and the Buks, which are armaments for close-range and medium-range combat,” Rogozin said. “As for the S-300s and S-400s, they are for the long-range combat. So it will depend on how much money the Serbian government is prepared to shell out.”   More:

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