Polish Defense Minister : US President Trump confirms the threat of Russian aggression

UAWIRE, 3 June 2017

The US does not approve of Russia’s policy towards Ukraine and is ready to defend the eastern flank of NATO. The head of the Polish National Defense Ministry Antoni Macierewicz told Polish Radio that this was stated by American President Donald Trump at the last NATO summit in Brussels.

“President Trump is aware of threats from Russia on the eastern flank. The results of the Brussels meeting were clear. This concerns not only the defense of Poland, but also the disapproval of the seizure of the Crimea and the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. This is one of the most important factors determining the true resolve of the United States in partnering with others in the defense of the free world,” Macierewicz stressed.

Donald Trump appeared to support these sentiments at the recent summit when he urged NATO member states to counter threats from Russia.

We may see permanent US Army bases in Poland sooner than anyone expects. Many bases will be relocated from Germany to Poland on top of planned up to 20,000 military personnel to be sent directly from the US. The scheduled to enter active service in 2018 Aegis ABM complex in Redzikowo, northern Poland, will need at least three wings of the US Air Force and a multilayer air and anti ballistic defence systems manned by US personnel to defend it. There are already close to 2000 US tanks and armoured vehicles and over 100 US Air Cavalry helicopters in Poland. With its own 48 F-16 Block 52+ fighter jets, 40 AGM-158A JASSM and already purchased but still under delivery 130 AGM-158B JASSM-ER Air-to-surface missiles Poland already poses a serious deterrent, especially with its over 50,000 strong (not yet) territorial defence trained by the elite special forces “Grom” military instructors and led by a former “Grom” battalion commander recently promoted to the rank of general.

Poland plans to increase its defence budget from the current 2.1% to 3% of its GDP by 2025 and buy 64 F-35 Lightning II V generation fighter jets. It also lobbies the US Congress and the Pentagon to join the US nuclear sharing programme and move to Poland some B-61 Mode 10 and 12 thermonuclear precision tactical bombs. Poland is building a bilateral alliance with the USA in order to bypass the NATO promise of not creating permanent military bases east of Germany. Since Poland is not a signatory of this agreement (it joined NATO later) and the US has proven that RuSSia doesn’t comply with its START obligations, the jury is still out and the Trump administration will likely follow through with US countermeasures, especially with such a willing partner as Poland.


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