The Real Threat to Europe is not Russia…

By Richard Reynolds. 5 June 2017

There has been a great deal of hysteria about Donald Trumps Presidency. He has voiced objections over NATO and the contributions (or lack thereof) that the European powers are making, and he has not been shy in expressing his dislike for Germany.

Angela Merkel has recently said that Germany no longer has reliable partners in America and the United Kingdom.

..the EU’s population is 508 million. When the UK leaves, it will be 447 million.
Russia’s population is 143 million.
The EU minus Britain has a GDP of 18.1 trillion (purchasing power parity), Russia has an economy of 3.5 trillion (ppp). Germany alone has a GDP (ppp) of four trillion.

The United States contributes the lions share of funds to NATO. The figure of $650 billion is reflected in expenditure by GDP. Europe has always served as a ‘buffer zone’ between the East and the West, which was particularly relevant during the Cold War, when there was a real possibility of a nuclear conflict. So too, Europe has provided the US with a large market place for arms sales and basing facilities for their military.

The apparent antagonist is Russia.

Russia has shown territorial ambition in the annexation of the Crimea and the East of Ukraine. South Ossetia is another example, and there are more. The Baltic States have a real reason to be concerned, hence the Baltic Air Policing Mission.

The North Atlantic Treaty was signed on 4 April 1949. But it won’t be Russia that destroys it. It will be dismantled from within. A subtle ‘One World, One Europe’ movement has started and most of us have barely noticed it.

The real threat to Europe is not Russia, nor American disengagement, but as it has been since German unification under Bismarck, it is Germany and it’s great European partner France.

Germany is already integrating the units of smaller European countries into its own military.
Germany (and, yes, Germany WAS the prime mover) already destroyed an entire European country, Greece, to bail out its own bankers.

Germany’s industrial policy and clout has impoverished the European “South” through enforced austerity and the imposition of the Euro, which makes German exports cheaper than they should be and the exports of Southern European more expensive than they should be.

Germany essentially runs the EU’s monetary policy at this point, a policy which has been in the self-perceived interests of Germany, and only coincidentally in any other country’s interest. (Something the French should get around to noticing, and stop encouraging the next German annexation of France, even if not in name.)

Germany is the actual threat to other European countries sovereignty. This might be acceptable if a German hegemon had a record of caring about what happens to non German countries, but the record is clear and visible on the ground in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and even France, that it is not.

It is entirely true that the entire Eurocrat class is implicated, and that every European country has collaborators, including France (Macron is merely the latest to take the throne, and there is no question of his complicity, since he ran Hollande’s austerity program.)

Nonetheless, weirdly, the policies they promote are the ones that rebound to the benefit of Germany, and it is Germany who is widely understood, as in the case of Greece, to have the deciding vote.

Europeans should decide if a further federalized European Union, run by the Germans, for the Germans, is what they want, because that is what is on offer.

Trump should be a sideshow issue for Europeans. He is not a significant danger to them, except in the sense that he may be inconveniencing the Germans even further.

As is often the case, the politicians Europeans should be most scared of are their own: the collaborators who run their governments, and the German politicans who are sure that what is best for other Europeans countries is, coincidentally, identical with what they are sure is best for Germany.

(And anyone who thinks that Merkel is not essentially malign simply has not paid attention. If an evil person opposes a more evil person they do not become “good”. This is not to deny, that like many evil people, she has not done some good things.)

Make no mistake, Angela Merkel seeks to control Europe. France will play a leading role, but Emanuel Macron will be nothing more than a puppet, endorsing her socialist ideals. The smaller nations of Europe, like Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary et al. will be absorbed (as they already have into her economic and political structure) into a new European army. Britain will be kept at arms length, since they had the audacity to extricate themselves from the autocratic European Super-state. As for the United States, Merkel has already said the US is an ‘unreliable partner’. Alienate the Americans at your peril Mrs Merkel.

The term alternativlos (German for “without an alternative”), which was frequently used by Angela Merkel to describe her measures addressing the European sovereign-debt crisis, was named the Un-word of the Year 2010 by a jury of linguistic scholars. The wording was criticised as undemocratic, as any discussion on Merkel’s politics would thus be deemed unnecessary or undesirable. The expression is credited for the name of the political party Alternative for Germany, which was founded in 2013.

Merkel compared the NSA to the Stasi when it became known that her mobile phone was tapped by that agency. In response Susan Rice pledged that the USA will desist from spying on her personally, but said there would not be a no-espionage agreement between the two countries.

 In July 2014 Merkel said trust between Germany and the United States could only be restored by talks between the two, and she would seek to have talks. She reiterated the U.S. remained Germany’s most important ally. That position has since changed.
Her statement “Islam is part of Germany” during a state visit of the Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in January 2015 induced criticism within her party. The parliamentary group leader Volker Kauder said that Islam is not part of Germany and that Muslims should deliberate on the question why so many violent people refer to the Quran.
By opening Germany’s borders to refugees fleeing Middle East, some critics have blamed Merkel for encouraging the mass migration into Europe.
In October 2015, Horst Seehofer, Bavarian State Premier and leader of CSU, the sister party of Merkel’s CDU, criticised Merkel’s policy of allowing in hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East: “We’re now in a state of mind without rules, without system and without order because of a German decision.” Seehofer attacked Merkel policies in sharp language, threatened to sue the government in the high court, and hinted that the CSU might topple Merkel. Many MPs of Merkel’s CDU party also voices dissatisfaction with Merkel. Chancellor Merkel insisted that Germany has the economic strength to cope with the influx of migrants and reiterated that there is no legal maximum limit on the number of migrants Germany can take.

8 thoughts on “The Real Threat to Europe is not Russia…”

    1. An initnesetrg discussion is worth a comment. I feel that it is best to write extra on this matter, it won’t be a taboo topic however generally individuals are not brave enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  1. The more I read about Merkel the less I trust her. She is feathering her nest, and putting (in some respects understandably) Germany’s interests first. This slow build up of economic and military divisions, is leading to a powerful Germany that could control the running of the EU, giving her much greater power over the smaller states with the union. She has seen that the US is a ‘threat’ to her, and that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU may lead to the breakdown of the union, perhaps she is starting to worry.

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