Russia’s Defense Ministry wants new Mi-38 helicopters produced for Arctic operation

Mi-38 Troop Transport Helicopter.

TASS Russian News Agency, 8 June 2017 KAZAN, June 8. /TASS/. Russia’s new Mil Mi-38 helicopter has the prospect of its manufacture for Arctic applications, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said on Wednesday.

“This machine also has the prospect of its manufacture in its Arctic variant, which is also of interest for us. It will take up the niche between the Mi-8 and the Mi-26,” the deputy defense minister said as he visited the Kazan Helicopter Enterprise.

The new helicopter’s fate depends on how the enterprise will be able to adapt it to the requirements of the Defense Ministry,” Borisov said. “This machine has better characteristics by its range and load-lifting capacity compared to the Mi-8 helicopter, which we purchase from the Kazan Helicopter Enterprise,” the deputy defense minister said.

As Borisov said earlier, the Defense Ministry plans to purchase several Mi-38 helicopters as part of the current and future state armament programs. The Mi-38 is a multirole medium cargo-lift helicopter equipped with new TV7-117V highly efficient Russian-made engines and an integrated digital flight navigation system.

The helicopter’s design widely uses composite materials, including in its main and tail rotors. The Mi-38 surpasses other helicopters of its class by the cargo-lift and passenger capacity and the basic flight and technical characteristics.

Besides, the helicopter can be used in a wide range of climatic conditions, including the sea, tropical and cold climates. The first fuselage of the serial Mi-38 has already been assembled at the Kazan Helicopter Enterprise.

2 thoughts on “Russia’s Defense Ministry wants new Mi-38 helicopters produced for Arctic operation”

  1. It has both a modern and a classic Mil look to it doesn’t it? I don’t think it will rival the EC725, Merlin or Black Hawk on the “real” export market however. It will do well with Russia’s clients

    1. I was surprised, I know the Russian air force are buying the Mil Mi-8MTV-5, which is basically just an uprated Mi-8 with a few ‘goodies’ on it. But you are right mate, it looks modern, but still has the ‘heritage’ look of the Mil lineage.

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