Russia’s new corvette to be launched in June

Project 20385, Gremyashchy-class corvette.

TASS Russian News Agency, 12 June 2017

MOSCOW, June 12 /TASS/. The Gremyashchy, a corvette for the Russian Navy’s Project 20385, will be launched in St. Petersburg in June, the navy’s spokesman Igor Dygalo said today.

“By the end of 2017, a new Project 20385 corvette – the Gremyashchy – will be launched at the Northern Shipyards in St. Petersburg. It will be equipped with a precision-guided munition and Russian-made propulsion systems,” he said.

Dygalo said that in 2016 the corvette had been equipped with propulsion systems produced at the Kolomensky Plant under the technical specifications of the Russian Navy’s General Headquarters as part of the import substitution industrialization program in naval construction.

The Project 20385 multi-purpose corvettes serve to identify and destroy the enemy’s submarines and surface ships, conduct landing operations and solve various tasks in the close maritime zone (from 200 to 500 nautical miles from the coast).

These ships are equipped with artillery, missile and anti-submarine systems, as well as modern radar aids. The corvette also has a flight deck.


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