Serbia remains militarily neutral, NATO delegation told

b.92, Source: Beta Monday, June 12, 2017 | 16:48

Serbia remains militarily neutral, and will continue cooperation with NATO through Partnership for Peace.

Deputy President of the National Assembly of Serbia Veroljub Arsic said this on Monday in Belgrade, during a meeting with a delegation of NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly (PA).
Arsic added that his country would not join “military alliances and blocs” and that it will continue to cooperate with NATO “in order to preserve peace and stability in the region,” said a statement issued by the Assembly, quoted by Beta.

Arsic today met with representatives of the NATO PA from the Netherlands, Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, France and Montenegro – and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is an associate member of the organization.

He pointed out to good and successful cooperation that the delegation of the Assembly of Serbia is realizing in the NATO PA, “giving its active contribution to the work of the organization,” the statement said.

The officials also discussed the recent presidential elections in Serbia, the reform of the constitutional system of the country, an initiative to create a customs union in the region, but also “the attitude of Serbian citizens towards NATO,” the statement said.

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