Newly-designed landing craft to be capable of carrying smaller air-cushioned vehicles

Piotr Kovalev/TASS

TASS Russian News Agency, 30 June 2017

The advanced landing craft that is being designed for the Russian Navy will be able to carry and land small air-cushioned vehicles, Director General of the Nevskoye Design Bureau, Sergey Vlasov, said in an interview with TASS at the 8th International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg.

“If there is a new landing ship, it will carry small air-cushioned landing craft. There is the Zubr (a large landing ship), there are the Murenas and a number of smaller ships. They will enter the well dock of the new landing craft,” he said.

According to Vlasov, the Nevskoye Design Bureau offers several versions of large landing ships with various displacement.

“Different equipment and numerous weapons can be incorporated into a single space. These ships vary based on their displacement. The Ivan Gren is one type, and the Mistral is quite another type of ship. There may be something in between. The Mistral has displacement of around 20,000 tonnes,” Vlasov reiterated.

The landing craft should transport not just people, but also fuel, helicopters, boats and landing craft. “All of this as a whole determines how many things will fit in,” the director general explained.

The Nevskoye Design Bureau is the only design agency that has the authority to develop aircraft carriers and landing craft, as well as ground simulation facilities for aircraft.



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