Arctic 100 Expedition sails through the Northwest Passage

Finland is known for its high-quality icebreakers and ice-strengthened ships. Icebreaker Nordica will transit the Northwest Passage this July. Photo: Arctia.

SUOMI Finland 100, 5 July 2017

What is it like to spend a month on a multipurpose icebreaker sailing through the Northwest Passage? How does global warming affect the sea and ice conditions near the North Pole? To celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017 and Finland’s first year as Chair of the Arctic Council, Arctia Ltd. has invited Finnish and international researchers on the Arctic 100 Expedition.

Arctia’s multipurpose icebreaker Nordica will transit the Northwest Passage (NWP) this July. The NWP is a sea route connecting the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via waterways through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The vessel departs Vancouver, Canada, on 5 July and will arrive in Nuuk, Greenland, before 1 August.

The route through the Northwest Passage. Photo: Arctia.

Deepening dialogue in the field of Arctic research

During the expedition, the vessel’s crew and the experts on board will observe ice conditions and develop international ties between business, academia and First Nations of the Arctic. The Expedition also reaches out to deepen international and local dialogue in the field of Arctic research.

Research on both the Arctic and the Southern Ocean is essential for the study of climate change and many other challenges facing the world today. Yet many nations and institutes around the world with research interests in polar areas do not have the logistical means to access these areas. Therefore, Arctia Ltd. offers its fleet and expertise for the international research community.

You can follow the Finland 100 expedition on Facebook blog @Arctic100Expedition and on Instagram and Twitter by using hashtags #Arctic100 and #Nordica. You can also read a travel journal on the Arctic Centre Facebook pages @ArcticCentre and on Twitter @Arctic_Centre.

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