Russian nuclear sub test-launches cruise missile in Barents Sea

TASS Russian News Agency, 5 July 2017

Russia’s Smolensk nuclear-powered submarine has conducted a successful test launch of a cruise missile that hit the designated target in the Barents Sea, the Northern Fleet’s press service said on Wednesday.

“From the underwater position, a Granit missile was fired against a combined sea-based target at a distance of about 400 kilometers,” a fleet spokesperson said. “The target was successfully hit.”

The launch was carried out as part of a scheduled combat training.

Northern Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, the crew “demonstrated high professionalism and naval skills” during the launch.

 The Smolensk is a Project 949A Antey-class submarine built in 1990. The submarines of this class displace 24,000 tons, have an underwater speed of 32 knots and a crew of 107. They are armed with 24 launchers of Granit cruise missiles with a range of about 500m km and six torpedo tubes.
The Smolensk is a Project 949A Antey-class (Oscar II) submarine

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