Polish Minister of Defense: Russia-China strategic alliance poses a threat to the free world

Polish defence minister Antoni Macierewicz. Photo: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz.

Antoni Macierewicz, the Minister of National Defence for Poland, accused Russia and China of creating a strategic alliance that ‘threatens the free world,” in response to the Russian-Chinese military exercises in the Baltic.

“Over the past few years, Russia and China have tried to hide the strategic alliance that unites them. They tried to create the impression that there is no such union.

They gave the appearance of a conflict between them in order to mislead the public opinion of the West and even some leaders,” Macierewicz stated in an interview with Telewizja Polska.

He stated with certainty that “it is recognized today that the situation from their point of view is so tense that it is necessary to remove their camouflage, that there is a need to threaten the free world and those who understand reality have known this for a long time.”

“In fact, Russia and China are united by a strong strategic alliance,” concluded the Polish Minister. A detachment of ships of the Chinese Navy will participate in the Russian-Chinese naval exercises “Naval interaction – 2017” in the Baltic, in the Sea of Okhotsk, and in the Sea of Japan.


Original article: UAWire.

4 thoughts on “Polish Minister of Defense: Russia-China strategic alliance poses a threat to the free world”

    1. The Chinese don’t want a war anymore than the Russian’s or we do. This is merely posturing, but I sympathise with the Polish people. I would be slightly perturbed if the Chinese and Russian navies were holding drills off of my coast.

  1. People have always been afraid of a Russo-Chinese alliance, but I can’t see it. Even when Russia was professing Communism, their ideals don’t seem to coincide with China – they would spend too much time playing “king-of-the-hill” (IMO).

    1. Agreed. I think these drills in the Baltic sea are just a joint exercise to allow the Russians and the Chinese to see how each other operates. It doesn’t seem like a threat to the West, and I don’t imagine for a moment that this is a precursor for anything sinister. Thanks GP.

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