King of Spain confident of ‘acceptable’ Gibraltar deal

King Felipe VI of Spain.

The King of Spain has said he is confident his country and Britain can find a solution on Gibraltar “acceptable to all involved”.

 King Felipe raised the controversial topic as he addressed MPs and peers at the Royal Gallery in the Houses of Parliament, outside which the flag of Gibraltar was on display.

The monarch said in the traditional address to both Houses of Parliament that Britain and Spain have a long-shared history and have often “stood shoulder to shoulder” as friends, partners and allies in the best interests of both countries.

King Felipe continued: “It is just as true, however, that during our rich and fruitful history there have also been estrangements, rivalries and disputes, but the work and determination of our governments, authorities and citizens have relegated such events to the past.

“I am certain that this resolve to overcome our differences will be even greater in the case of Gibraltar and I am confident that through the necessary dialogue and effort, our two governments will be able to work towards arrangements that are acceptable to all involved.”

The flag’s presence was earlier welcomed at Prime Minister’s Questions by Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell, who urged Prime Minister Theresa May to remind the King that Gibraltar is British, despite long-standing Spanish claims to the territory.

Original article: By Alan McGuinness, Political Reporter, Sky News.


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