Ukrainian Ministry of Defense: 28 combat units have been trained according to advanced NATO standards

The press service of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense reported that 28 military units from its Armed Forces were trained according to NATO standards by instructors from Canada, Great Britain, the USA, Lithuania and Poland.

The report said that, “in 2017, 297 instructors were trained to Alliance standards. Overall, since the beginning of the military reform, about 1,200 military instructors have been trained, 600 of which had the benefit of foreign coaches’ participation.”

The Ministry also revealed that since the start of the year, “150 standards of collective and individual training were forged in the Armed Forces, putting into effect “the only electronic database of training standards and teaching-training materials for troops.”

In higher education establishments that train ground troops, the military “deployed and commissioned 22 complex dynamic simulators for the crews of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers.”

“The fundamental changes in the system of training troops, measures in building up the educational training database led to a certain increase in the quality of training,” the report explained.

It was also noted in the department that in 2017, according to the new standards, 166 operational training activities and 184 basic combat training activities were conducted. In addition, 20 joint operational and combat training activities took place at the Armed Forces firing ranges.

The groundwork for training advances was laid out on June 8 when the Verkhovna Rada voted for deeper cooperation between Ukraine and NATO in order to gain membership in this organization as the basis of foreign policy. The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko signed the bill into law.

Source: UAWIRE.

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