Over 3,000 Russian, Tajik troops alerted in first joint snap check

Russian Su-24 bombers. AP Photo/Vladimir Isachenkov

More than 3,000 Russian and Tajik military are taking part in the first joint snap combat readiness check that began in the Central Asian republic on Friday, Assistant Commander of Russia’s Central Military District, Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin, said.

“The military of Russia and Tajikistan are participating jointly for the first time in a snap readiness check. The servicemen of the two armies backed by Russian operational-tactical and army aviation are performing training and combat tasks in line with a single plan in a common operation situation on the mountainous firing grounds of Lyaur and Kharbmaydon,” he said.

The troops were alerted and deployed to the firing grounds where they started performing exercises in shooting and fire control and practicing cooperation. The checks are overseen by Commander of the Russian Central Military District Vladimir Zarudnitsky and Chief of the General Staff of Tajikistan’s Armed Forces Emomali Sobirzoda.

Eight Russian warplanes – Su-24 bombers and Su-25 attack aircraft – were earlier sent to Tajikistan.

Source: TASS Russian News Agency.


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