Fallon wants ‘military discipline’ to stop Jeremy Corbyn

Sir Michael Fallon has called on colleagues to focus on their common enemy (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

The Cabinet must confront “the dangerous enemy” of Jeremy Corbyn to prevent him from getting into Downing Street, the Defence Secretary has warned.

Speaking at a reception hosted by the Policy Exchange think tank, Sir Michael Fallon called for military discipline to defend the Conservative case for sound public finances.

“In this summer of warm prosecco I think we in the Cabinet would also do well to reflect on those military virtues: loyalty, discipline, cohesion, that might better enable us first to concentrate our fire on a dangerous enemy in reach of Downing Street – somebody who would lower our defences, scrap our deterrent, weaken our response to terrorism.

“And second, to better articulate again the moral case for lower taxation, for honest public financing, for wider opportunity, enterprise and ownership – the Conservative case.”

The Cabinet appears united but recently has seemed far from it.

Theresa May will face the Labour leader later in a final Commons summer showdown.

It comes just a day after the Prime Minister warned her top team that Tory infighting could pave the way for Mr Corbyn to seize power.

Mrs May was forced to tell senior ministers on Tuesday to show “unity” as she urged them to keep details of their discussions around the Cabinet table private after a series of briefings against Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Splits at the top of the Government have made headlines in recent days, with disclosures of remarks designed to damage Mr Hammond – including claims he said public sector workers were “overpaid” and “even a woman can drive a train”.

Mr Hammond responded by appearing to accuse colleagues of briefing against him due to their unhappiness with his position on leaving the EU.

Source: Sky News.

5 thoughts on “Fallon wants ‘military discipline’ to stop Jeremy Corbyn”

    1. Sadly true. The Royal Navy will become a coastal defence force, the Army will be reduced to under 10,000 troops – enough to make up a nominal ‘peacekeeping’ force, and the air force will only have transport and tanker aircraft, in the same respect that the New Zealand Air Force does.

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