MAKS-2017 airshow yields contracts to over $6bln – Russian ministry of industry and trade

The international airshow MAKS-2017 has yielded contracts and agreements to a total sum of 400 billion rubles (6.74 billion U.S. dollars), the Russian ministry of industry and trade said on Sunday.

“MAKS-2017 has yielded big opportunities for aircraft manufacturers, with contracts and agreements for supplies of Russian-made aircraft standing about 400 billion rubles. It is important that MAKS is becoming a business platform and participation in it is not just a matter of prestige but an efficient instrument for establishing partner relations. Over three days, MatchMaking talks were held mostly with small-and medium-sized companies,” Minister Denis Manturov said.

Among MAKS’ biggest deals were a contract for the supplies of 20 Sukhoi Superjet 100 planes to Aeroflot – Russian Airlines and a contract on operational lease of 16 MC-21 planes, including four airlines with domestically manufactured PD-14 engines, with the Red Wings air carrier. In all, about 180 foreign manufacturers from 35 world nations took part in the airshow. More than 1,000 companies conducted more than 1,500 talks.

A number of new developments, including a generation 4++ MiG-35 fighter jet and a Mi-171Sh-VN helicopter for special operations, were presented at the airshow.

The international airshow MAKS-2017 was held in Zhukovsky outside Moscow from July 18 through 23 and was visited by more than 452,000 people.

Source: TASS Russian News Agency.


3 thoughts on “MAKS-2017 airshow yields contracts to over $6bln – Russian ministry of industry and trade”

    1. It looks that way. Whether any tangible results come out of the show remains to be seen, but Russian equipment these days is very good – not like the ‘good old days’ of the MiG 17, 19 and 21!

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