Two NATO Ships Arrive at Odessa Port Ukraine

Two NATO military ships arrived at the Ukrainian port of Odessa. This was reported on Facebook from the press center of the Ukrainian Navy.

The two ships are the British HMS Duncan (D37), a Type 45 guided-missile destroyer, which is equipped with the Sea Viper air defence system, with a 48-cell Sylver A50 VLS, carrying a mix of up to 48 Aster 15 missiles (range 1.7–30 km) and Aster 30 missiles (range 3–120 km). In addition the Duncan carries 2 × quad Harpoon launchers for anti-ship strike missions.

HMS Duncan (D37)

The Turkish frigate ‘Yildirim’ was also in attendance.

The Yildirim is a Yavuz-class frigate, outfitted for anti-ship duties and carries 2 Mk 141 quad-pack Launcher for 8 x RGM-84 Harpoon missiles, 1 MK 21 Guided Missile Launching System for 16 x RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missiles, 1 × 5 inch /54 gun and 2 × 3 12.75″ Mk.32 torpedo tubes in triple mountings.

The planned visit includes official meetings with the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy and representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. The ships will be open for citizens of the city and visitors and there will be drills with Ukrainian marines.

Source: Novinite Ukraine.


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