RAF Typhoon In Romania Scrambles To Intercept Russians For First Time

An RAF Typhoon based in Romania has scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft flying over the Black Sea for the first time.

The jet, operating out of Mikhail Kogalniceanu Air Base, was launched after Russian TU-22 bombers were spotted heading south near NATO airspace.

The Typhoon monitored the Russian Tupolevs whilst they flew over the Black Sea, close to the Romanian border, but they did not come into visual contact with each other.

NATO had tracked the aircraft before identifying them as Russian.

As soon as it was determined that they were flying close to NATO airspace, the Typhoon jet was scrambled to shadow the bombers.

Wing Commander Lewis Cunningham, Officer Commanding 3(F) Squadron said:

“It worked as we would have expected it to. We took down the details, ran to the aircraft and I took off within the prescribed timeline. It’s satisfying. We spotted that there was something happening and then very quickly the ‘phone call came and we were running out of the door.”

For the past three months, four RAF fast jets have been deployed on the frontline to Romania as part of NATO’s Air Policing mission.

They have been sent to bolster the alliance’s air defence along its eastern flank and to intercept any aircraft that strays into NATO airspace.

Source: Forces Network.

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