Russian-Chinese naval drills in Baltic Sea to enter active phase

Russian-Chinese naval exercise Joint Sea-2017 in the Baltic Sea will enter into the active stage on Tuesday, the Baltic Fleet’s spokesman Roman Martov told TASS.

Russian and Chinese ships participating in the drills are leaving the Baltiysk base for designated areas in the Baltic Sea, he said. On Tuesday the personnel will practice artillery fire at surface and air targets.

China delegated three ships for participation in the exercise – the destroyer Hefei, frigate Yuncheng and supply vessel Lomahu.

Chinese Type 052D Missile Destroyer Hefei conducts live fire drills with its Type HPJ38-130 mm naval gun.

The Russian Navy is represented by two corvettes – Steregushchy and Boiky – and the salvage tug SB-123. Different phases of the exercise will involve multi-role deck helicopters Ka-27, tactical frontline bombers Sukhoi-24, military transport planes Antonov-26 and helicopters based on the Chinese ships.

During the active phase of the exercise to be held on July 25-27 Russian and Chinese sailors will practice joint anti-sabotage, anti-aircraft and anti-ship defense measures and assistance to a ship in distress.

Source: TASS Russian News Agency.



4 thoughts on “Russian-Chinese naval drills in Baltic Sea to enter active phase”

  1. I have to keep on eye on things like this through you – I still haven’t heard anything on CBS news!! or my newspapers, or the news magazine I get {why DO I pay for these things if they’re not giving me all the news? I need to examine that!!]

    1. I think it’s down to what the news stations think that people want to see. It’s a form of social control and manipulation. We are subtly directed towards certain news topics in order to influence our behaviour. It sounds a little lie a conspiracy theory, but when you think about it, all broadcasters choose what they put out on TV, publishers do the same in newspapers and magazines, and we form opinions on the basis of the content that they give us. Sadly, they don’t tell us much about what is going on in the world. They would rather talk about what a politician has done wrong. One classic example that springs to mind is Bill Clinton. “I smoked marijuana, but I didn’t inhale”.

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