Special Report: On Board USS George HW Bush

British sailors who will serve on board HMS Queen Elizabeth are cutting their teeth on the crowded flight deck of a US Nimitz class aircraft carrier.

The USS George HW Bush has arrived in the Solent ahead of a joint exercise with the Royal Navy.
As the Queen Elizabeth continues sea trials ahead getting its first F35B stealth fighters in 2018, its a chance to gain crucial hands on experience on a flight deck of the same size.

5000 US Navy sailors call the USS George H W Bush home.

The ship entered service in 2009 and recently spent several months working on operation inherent resolve in the Mediterranean.
Bombing missions against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq being launched from her four-acre flight deck.
The ship is in the Solent ahead of Exercise Saxon Warrior – a multi-national exercise, all about operating as part of a carrier strike group.

There are more than 60 Royal Navy personnel on board which gives the personnel a superb chance to prepare for the Queen Elizabeth class carrier – the deck of which is the same size of the Bush.

Lt Cdr James Capps is one of them and says the experience is “awe inspiring”.

The USS George HW Bush is well used to working with the Royal Navy, the ships first ever deployment saw her join exercise Saxon Warrior for its 2011 iteration.

The ships will remain in the Solent for the next few days – many of the crew will enjoy up to 5 days shore leave, before heading back to be part of the exercise.

Source: Forces Network.

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