Russia in display of naval might – Navy Day 2017 [VIDEO]

Published on 30 Jul 2017

Russia’s annual Navy Day parade in gives Moscow the chance to display to the world its maritime power and military strength.

Overseen by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the ceremony which traditionally takes place on the last Sunday in July, this year
features representatives of the Baltic, Black Sea, Northern and Pacific Fleets as well as the Caspian Fleet.

Two of Russia’s largest nuclear-powered vessels are taking part in the parade in the country’s second largest city, St Petersburg. A 175-metre-long Typhoon class submarine and the nuclear-powered Kirov-class battlecruiser. Both ships are the largest of their kind anywhere in the world.

In total, about 50 ships and submarines will take part in the parade, while more than 40 planes and helicopters of the naval aviation will fly above the city.

Navy Day parades are scheduled to be held at every Russian naval base and also for the first time in the Mediterranean Sea near the Syrian port of Tartus.

Source: euronews.


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