Documentary charts 1944 Warsaw massacre by German troops

Horrific accounts of a 1944 massacre of Poles by German Nazi troops in Warsaw’s Wola district were broadcast in a documentary by public television station TVP1 on Wednesday.

As well as witness accounts, the film, “The Wola Massacre. Indictment” directed by Rafał Geremek, included commentary by Piotr Gursztyn, a historian and the author of a book about the WWII killings.

The documentary uses computer graphics and animation to depict the horrors of the massacre.
Some 40,000 to 50,000 people in the western Warsaw district of Wola were killed by German Nazi troops during the early phase of the Warsaw Uprising, an insurgency launched by Poles against the capital’s German occupiers in World War II.

Between 5 and 12 August 1944, tens of thousands of Polish civilians along with captured Home Army resistance fighters were systematically murdered in organised mass executions.

Monument to Victims of the Wola Massacre.

It is estimated that up to 10,000 civilians were killed in the Wola district on 5 August alone, the first day of the operation.

Most of the victims were the elderly, women and children.

Top Polish officials and veterans of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising on Tuesday marked the 73rd anniversary of the bloody insurgency against the city’s German occupiers.

The uprising resulted in the death of some 18,000 Polish fighters and up to 200,000 civilians.



5 thoughts on “Documentary charts 1944 Warsaw massacre by German troops”

  1. I can never understand why the Poles nowadays hate the Russians and love the Germans. The Poles lost 17% of their population to the Germans, around 6,000,000 people murdered. And that wasn’t just the SS, it was all of the Wehrmacht as you can tell on much of the archive film.
    Having said that, there is little reason to stir up old hatreds from the past. Whatever happened, all of the people who did it these appalling things are dead and gone, most of them without being punished in any way sadly.

    1. You are quite correct John. Poland was annexed by both Nazi Germany and the USSR in 1939. Over the course of the war, both regimes committed atrocities against the Polish civilian and military population.

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