Russia’s Northern Fleet announces large-scale exercise to coincide with Zapad ’17 Drills


Russian Battle-Cruiser CGN Pyotr Velikiy (099) Fleet Flagship

The Northern Fleet, the most powerful of Russia’s five fleets, is unfolding a special exercise which includes key parts of fleet capacities.

The drills will be headed directly by Russian Navy Head Commander Vladimir Korolyev and will last «for several days», the Northern Fleet informs.

Included are about 50 ships, submarines and support vessels. Also aircraft, helicopters from the Air Force and Air Defense Force will be deployed, a Naval representative reported to Interfax.

Russian Navy Kamov Ka-29 Assault Helicopter

The drills will be held as several of the most powerful Northern Fleet vessels return to their home port of Severomorsk after their participation in the Navy parade outside St.Petersburg.  Among them are the battle cruiser Pyotr Veliky and the typhoon-class submarine Dmitry Donskoy.

It is likely that the returning vessels will take part in the exercise.

In the course of the training exercises, anti-submarine and anti-sabotage activities will be conducted along with navigational, hydrographical, anti-mine and search and rescue operations.

The Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet is based at Severomorsk

According to the Navy representatives, the exercise is held as a preparatory phase to the large-scale joint Russian-Belarus drills Zapad-2017 which are scheduled for the 14thto 20th September.





2 thoughts on “Russia’s Northern Fleet announces large-scale exercise to coincide with Zapad ’17 Drills”

  1. Lord the Kirov is immense as warships go. I know the type has faced a lot of criticism from Western observers who think such a large vessel is archaic but in a surface engagement it would probably be able to hold an area of ocean for a considerable amount of time compared even an Arleigh Burke-class. However, in a fluid and rapidly changing tactical scenario which would include air and submersible assets I think it would prove more of a hindrance. In the modern era it is too easy to detect even with advanced jamming equipment since it makes such an impact on the water.

    1. True tony. The other issue that the Russian’s have (particularly with the submarine fleet) is that the engines are so loud that they can’t escape detection. The Akula’s and Oscar IIs are so large that in shallower seas they can be seen from the air and in some cases, such as the Baltic, they have to transit on the surface, which rather defeats the object. Nevertheless, the Northern Fleet remains a powerful and very capable force.

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