Russian Northern Fleet warships take to sea in combat readiness check

Pyotr Veliky missile cruiser. Peter Kovalev/TASS

MURMANSK, August 29. /TASS/. The Russian Northern Fleet will hold a series of tactical drills as part of a combat readiness check, the Fleet’s press office reported on Tuesday.

“Formations of the Fleet’s army corps and marine infantry have been alerted on the territory of the Murmansk Region. The personnel have performed multi-kilometer marches aboard their organic combat hardware as part of their units towards practice ranges,” the press office said, without specifying the number of servicemen involved in the drills.

Also, the crews of warships, submarines and support vessels have pulled their forces to dispersal areas. Over 40 combat ships and auxiliary vessels have taken to the sea as part of the combat readiness check, including first-rank ships, such as the destroyer Admiral Ushakov and nuclear-powered underwater cruisers.

The missile cruisers Pyotr Veliky and Marshal Ustinov practiced their exit from the main base and anchored in a roadstead.

The Kola Flotilla’s mine trawler groups of all-arms forces provided support for the exit of warships and vessels from their bases. The small anti-submarine warfare ships Brest and Snezhnogorsk provided protection against a notional enemy’s submarines.

The check is focused on the work of the system of the Fleet’s forces and troops command and control, the organization of communications and their cohesion in practicing joint tasks based on an incident injection.





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