Over 70 ships of Russia’s Baltic Fleet go to sea during combat readiness check

Baltic Fleet Ship Boiky (532) (Бойкий – Brisk) Steregushchy-class corvette

KALININGRAD, August 30. /TASS/. Around 2,000 troops, over 70 warships and support vessels, as well as around 200 pieces of military and special equipment, are involved in a routine combat readiness check of Russia’s Baltic Fleet, the fleet’s spokesman Roman Martov said on Wednesday.

“The check, involving more than 70 warships and support vessels, is aimed at assessing the possibility to put the navy on full alert, as well as the alert forces’ capability to implement their tasks,” Martov said.

Russia’s Baltic fleet was stablished on May 18, 1703. Baltic fleet is the oldest Russian Navy formation. The Imperial Russian Baltic Fleet was created during the Great Northern War at the initiative of Czar Peter the Great, who ordered the first ships for the Baltic Fleet to be constructed in 1702 and 1703.

The fleet is based in Baltiysk and Kronshtadt, with its headquarters in the city of Kaliningrad. The fleet includes two submarines and 56 surface ships. See the best ships of Russia’s Baltic fleet.

Russia’s Northern Fleet Put to sea yesterday with 40 combat ships and auxiliaries. See The Baltic Fleet article: Russian Northern Fleet warships take to sea in combat readiness check.




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