A NATO versus EU Army? German forces reignite the debate

A German Army Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank

BRUSSELS — New efforts to create a group of mini-armies under the command of the unified German armed forces, the Bundeswehr, have reignited the debate over the role of NATO and the European Union.

In a program known as the Framework Nations Concept, the Netherlands, Romania and the Czech Republic have all integrated brigade-level forces with Germany.

In Romania, the 81st Mechanized Brigade will join Germany’s Rapid Response Forces Division while the Czech Republic’s elite 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade will join forces with Germany’s 10th Armored Division.


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7 thoughts on “A NATO versus EU Army? German forces reignite the debate”

      1. I agree Andy, history certainly seems to indicate a strong cultural desire to impose Germanic ideology on the regions surrounding Germany.

        In their defence, I think that they believe that their efficient, competent and productive approach to life and work will benefit others and they can’t understand why you would want to live and work any other way.

        The problem (for the Germans and the EU) is that it is our cultural values and differences that enrich the live of others and what we bring to the collective, actually enriches the whole experience. That is why the EU will fail. Their leaders – Junker, Tusk et al. want power and influence and the philosophy of the EU isn’t ‘togetherness’ it is control. People don’t like that, hence Brexit.

        Thanks as always Andy.

      2. That is absolutely true Rich. The Germanic way certainly seems to work. They are economically powerful and their desire to do well certainly out shines many other European nations. But as you say, it is also a desire to ‘lead and influence’ rather than ‘be part of’ and that’s not going to work – especially when they are all doing it.

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