Russia’s Northern Fleet drills involve ten submarines

Russian navy Akula II submarine.

Russia’s Northern Fleet has begun an exercise with ten diesel and nuclear-powered submarines and twenty surface ships taking part.

“At different stages of the exercise more than 20 naval vessels, up to ten nuclear-powered and diesel submarines, 20 logistic ships and up to 30 aircraft will participate. In different episodes of the exercise more than 5,000 officers and men of the Northern Fleet and more than 300 pieces of weapons and military equipment will be involved,” the fleet’s service said in a news release.

Coastal missile and artillery units, a ground corps, coastal forces, an air force and air defense army and logistic units will take part.

Russian Bal, Bastion Coastal Missile System

The exercise is the main operative and combat training event for the Northern Fleet in 2017.

Currently, the preparatory phase of the exercise is in progress. The fleet’s forces are practicing alert measures and readying their command centers and forces for coping with the tasks to be set during exercise in the Barents Sea, which will last several days.


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