Latvian Defense Ministry considers using former Soviet army facilities for drills

Skrunda-1, is a ghost town and former Soviet radar station located 5 km (3 mi) to the north of Skrunda, in Raņķi parish, Latvia. It was the site of two Dnepr radar (NATO “Hen House”) radar installations constructed in the 1960s.

RIGA, Sept 19 (LETA) – In view of rapid growth of the Latvian Home Guard and enhanced allied presence in Latvia, the Latvian Defense Ministry plans to develop the existing military training grounds and is also considering using former Soviet military facilities in Latvia for training purposes, Viesturs Silenieks (Greens/Farmers), the ministry’s parliamentary secretary, told the press after the meeting of the parliamentary committee.

The committee on defense, interior affairs and corruption prevention today met behind closed doors and discussed with the Defense Ministry officials development of the military training grounds.

Silenieks said that there were no plans for construction of new military training grounds in the next few years but some of the existing training areas would be upgraded and the ministry was thinking also about using the former Soviet military facilities or other abandoned sites such as quarries in isolated locations for training purposes.

“We are looking for the sites that would require minimal investment,” the Defense Ministry’s parliamentary secretary said.


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