Defense ministers of NATO countries whose troops make up multinational battalion in Latvia to visit Adazi this week


Adazi military base

A ceremonious event marking combat readiness of the Canada-led NATO battalion in Latvia will take place at the Adazi military base on September 28, which will be attended by defense ministers and representatives of the defense ministries of the countries whose troops make up the NATO battalion in Latvia, the Defense Ministry told LETA.

Participating in the event will be Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis (Greens/Farmers), Canadian National Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, Albanian Deputy Defense Minister Petro Koci, Italian defense minister’s advisor Carlo Massagli, Polish National Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz, Slovenian Defense Minister Andreja Katic, Spanish Defense Ministry’s Secretary General for Defense Policy Juan Francisco Martinez Nunez, and Latvian Chief of Defense Leonids Kalnins.

Harjit Singh Sajjan, Canadian Minister of National Defence.

During the visit to the Adazi military base, the NATO officials will meet with the soldiers, inspect military vehicles and infrastructure at the military base, and visit a memorial to Latvian soldiers who lost their lives during international operations.

As reported, the Canada-led thousand-strong battalion in Latvia is made up of Albanian, Italian, Canadian, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish soldiers.

NATO has also deployed a multinational battalion to Estonia, Lithuania and Poland each.


5 thoughts on “Defense ministers of NATO countries whose troops make up multinational battalion in Latvia to visit Adazi this week”

    1. Hi Nasuko, I read the article. The officer mentioned ‘Spencer Ramone’ is not typical of the officer’s that serve in the US military. At this time we live in a world where media frenzy is focusing on tragic events and we are being led to believe that society is collapsing.

      Yes, things are difficult right now with North Korea’s nuclear programme, Iran’s nuclear programme, wars in the middle east and the rise of the far right and the far left.

      These political upheavals, whilst disturbing often get pushed back by the ‘middle-ground’. That is, the majority of people, like you and I who have conservative or liberal views that are reasonable and well considered. We make up the majority and eventually the majority will win out.

      It did in WW2 with the rise of Nazi ideology, it did in the 1950s and 1960s with the spread of communism, it did in the 1970s with the glut of airline hijackings and the spread of socialism and it did in the 1980s with the fall of communism.

      ISIS has nearly been defeated, the middle ground will push back soon enough.

      1. Dr.richrenolds74,
        Great Thanks, I can understand well! !
        It was difficult to understand the content of this article with “non-Japanese language”.

        Yes, I also dislike Communism!!
        And although I am an ordinary person(profession ;Nurse), I will study myself a lot.
        And, in order not to be misleaded, I want to select information,
        read opinions of various people(like you), and think calmly.

        Best regards sincerely. 😀

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