Estonian naval ships taking part in shooting exercise in Finland

Estonian Navy Minehunter EML Admiral Cowan M313


Vessels of the Estonian Navy are taking part in a shooting exercise, Baltic Shield, in Finland this week where shooting from onboard weapons will be performed and exercises held in minehunting and cooperation between allied forces.
From the Estonian Navy, the minehunters Admiral Cowan and Ugandi and the staff and support vessel Wambola will take part in the exercise.

Finland has sent the MCM vessels Katanpaa and Vahterpaa and the naval vessel Syoksy, military spokespeople in Tallinn said.

Altogether, some 200 active service personnel and conscripts are taking part in the drills.

“Participation in the intensive shooting exercises of Baltic Shield makes a significant contribution to the development of the shooting skills of our crew,” said the commander of Admiral Cowan, 1st Lt. Ardo Riibon.

Riibon described the exercise as providing an immediate platform for developing operational cooperation between the participating countries.

Finnish Navy Minehunter Katanpää, MHC (Mine Hunter Coastal) Vessel

During the exercise, airborne targets towed by flying aircraft and drones flying at an altitude of 20-100 meters will be used. In addition to shooting, minehunting, maneuvering and towing, as well as exchange of postal parcels between vessels will be rehearsed at Baltic Shield.

Minehunters of the Estonian Navy are equipped with 23-millimeter anti-aircraft guns. In addition, the weaponry of Estonian naval ships includes 12.7 millimeter Browning heavy machineguns.

Vessels of the Estonian Navy have been taking part in shooting exercises organized by the Finnish Navy since 2010.


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