Will Canada eventually purchase Asterix as its third supply ship?

The Department of National Defence has confirmed that a third Joint Support Ship will not be built. There is not enough money, according to DND.

The third JSS was always an option but only if there was enough funding.

The DND insists that two JSS are enough. “The fleet size of 15 Canadian Surface Combatants, complemented by two Joint Support Ships, and four Victoria-class submarines provides the necessary fleet mix and capacity to deploy forces responsively, prepare follow-on forces effectively, and conduct maintenance efficiently,” the department noted in an email.

This statement, however, doesn’t take into account when one of the JSS goes into dock for maintenance, either regular or, later on, a longer term refit.

The Royal Canadian Navy will have for at least the next five years, if not longer, the Asterix (pictured above in a photo provided by Davie). That ship, operated by Federal Fleet Services, and leased to the Canadian government, will provide refueling and resupply to warships at sea.

There is also a clause in the contract that would allow Canada to eventually purchase the vessel (No details have been made public on the cost to buy the ship).

But with a third JSS now off the table, will an Asterix purchase look tempting in the next five years, particularly if it is offered at a good price?


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