Polish, British foreign affairs and defence ministers to convene in London

Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Witold Waszczykowski, his British counterpart Boris Johnson, alongside Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz and his opposite number Michael Fallon are to meet in London on Thursday.

The meeting, which marks the sixth such event held within the format since it was first launched in 2010, is a follow-up on a gathering of the four officials held in Edinburgh in January.

The officials are likely to touch on post-Brexit collaboration within the framework of multinational organisations, including the United Nations Security Council and NATO, the PAP news agency reports. The ministers may also discuss security issues alongside the presence of British soldiers on Polish soil.

The second despatch of 150 British troops from the Light Dragoons reconnaissance regiment from Catterick is currently on its way to Poland and will begin their mission as part of NATO’s multinational forces mid-October.

According to PAP, another topic likely to be debated on Thursday is the future Polish-British bilateral defence treaty. In September, British Deputy Defence Minister Mark Lancaster announced that the pact would be signed this year.

The bilateral talks in London come ahead of the 21 December Polish-British cross-governmental consultations in Warsaw, an event to be attended by Prime Ministers Beata Szydło and Theresa May, along with other top officials. (aba)

Source: PAP


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