Finland will conduct an inspection in Turkey

Istanbul Samandıra Army Air Base

Finland will conduct a confidence-and-security-building inspection conform to the Vienna Document 2011 in Turkey from 10 to 13 October 2017.

The inspected area is located west of Istanbul and according to the annual reports it is home to 13 military units. The inspection team consists of three Finnish and one Swedish officer. The team is headed by Lieutenant Colonel Joakim Salonen from Defence Command Finland.

The aim of the inspection is to verify that there are no military activities in the specified area that are subject to prior notification according to the Vienna Document.

The aim is also to verify the information about units in the inspection area that Turkey supplied to the OSCE and to train our own personnel for arms control duties and to show Finland’s involvement in multinational arms control as well as its impartiality.


6 thoughts on “Finland will conduct an inspection in Turkey”

    1. They are usually the current senior military officers. These guys usually have a lot of experience, but of course it depends upon which country is doing the inspecting. The level of expertise is variable to say the least. Finland is excellent as you might expect from a tier 1 nation.

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