The kit arrived this morning. I opened the packaging, which revealed a tray-type box with a good depiction of the kit on the lid. So far so good.

Lifting the lid revealed a tidy selection of contents. There is a single wooden sheet of laser-cut parts, which include the decking, planking and shields amongst other things. What is noticeable is how beautifully produced the parts are, they are nicely laid out in a semi-hardwood sheet.

Box Contents


Laser cut Decking, Hull Planking and Shields

Dusek is a family-owned business located in the Czech Republic. They are focused on the design and manufacture of high quality wooden ship and architecture kits. Their business was started in 2007 with only one kit – the Greek Bireme. They now produce more than 20 different kits. Dusek kits feature laser cut wooden parts, plastic detail parts, wood and metal fittings, rigging cord, and well illustrated instructions and plans.

The real surprise was the selection of plans and instructions. I was expecting to have to do a lot of head-scratching and internet searches to build this kit, however, Dusek provide an impressive A2 plan depicting the Longship in 1/72:

Plan in 1/72 scale on A2 paper

In addition to this, a second plan of an overview of the parts is supplied, also in 1/72 scale, which is numbered, so that you can write the numbers of the parts on the waste-wood, after the laser-cut part has been punched out, so that you can keep track of the parts that are in use.

Viking Longship parts breakdown plan

Finally, a 16 page instruction booklet is provided, which provides a step-by-step construction procedure, with each step furnished with well appointed written guidance and easy to follow diagrams of the hull, superstructure, rigging directions and details on how to prepare and attach the sail.

16 page Instruction Booklet


Instruction Booklet pages 4 and 5


Sail and Rigging set

The kit is also supplied with material for the mast construction and for the assembly of the oars.

Mast and Oar components


Laser-cut Deck


Laser cut Hull Ribs


Dusek Gokstad Viking Longship – Manufacturers Example


Dusek Viking Gokstad Longship Detail – Manufacturers Example

I will be going to the IPMS Nationals at Telford tomorrow and will be purchasing a set of Viking Oarsmen by Emhar.

Emhar Viking Oarsmen

To add that ‘personal’ touch, I will purchase a set of Viking shield decals from kamar-zinnfiguren in Germany for 5,50 Euros.

The Dusek 1/72 Viking Longsship was purchased from GamesQuest UK for £68.99; 


8 thoughts on “DUŠEK VIKING LONGSHIP 1/72 VIKING LONGSHIP: In Box Review”

    1. I am looking forward to it but with a sense of trepidation! I have done many boats and ships, but I have never worked with wood. Just one mistake and the whole hull could be twisted! Wish me luck Dave!

  1. I once built a wooden boat kit similar in design to this. It certainly was a challenge but a complete pleasure to build. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it and I look forward to watching it progress.

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