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Russia reveals Il-22PP special mission aircraft

The Ilyushin Il-22PP Porubshchik special mission aircraft was revealed in public for the first time on 12 August. It was photographed over Kubina on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the Russian Air Force. Source: Piotr Butowski

Russia has shown for the first time its new Ilyushin Il-22PP Porubshchik special mission aircraft. The ‘escort jammer’ aircraft made its public debut on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the Russian air force over Kubinka on 12 August.

The Il-22P is a signals intelligence (SIGINT) and stand-off-jamming platform that has been built around a converted Il-22 ‘Coot-B’ airframe, which is itself a theatre-level airborne command post and radio relay aircraft based on the Ilyushin Il-18D turboprop airliner.

While the Il-22PP retains the airframe and power plant of the Il-22, it has four large fairings located symmetrically on both sides of the fuselage. These contain antennas of the L-415 electronic countermeasures (ECM) system made by the KNIRTI institute of Kaluga.

Another antenna is fitted to the tail, while a further antenna is located under the fuselage. A fixed pod beneath the fuselage contains 16 32-round 26 mm UV-26M chaff/flare launchers for self defence; two more 14-round 50 mm (2-inch) launchers are built into the under-fuselage. The aircraft has a livery resembling that of the civilian Aeroflot airline, although it carried the inscription ‘Russia Air Force’ and the red star marking. It also has the inscription ‘Il-18’ on the nose.

According to the Myasishchev design bureau, which is responsible for the conversion, “the airplane is intended for detection and suppression of state-of-the-art secretive and jam-proof systems of combat control of various functions”. These are “radars, guidance channels of surface-to-air missile systems, mid-course flight path correction channels of cruise missiles, as well as tactical data exchange networks such as Link 16.


Russia at final stage of developing “Khibiny” advanced electronic warfare system

Su-34 with ECM modules “Khibiny” on the wing tips.

TASS Russian News Agency, 16 June 2017

MOSCOW, June 16. /TASS/. Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET), part of the state hi-tech corporation Rostec, is at the final stage of developing the most advanced defensive aids system Khibiny-U, Adviser to the KRET first deputy CEO Vladimir Mikheyev told TASS on Friday.

Khibiny (L-175V) (Хибины) (Л-175В) is a Russian aircraft electronic countermeasures (ECM) system.

The system is designed for radio direction-finding and probing signal source irradiation allowing it to distort reflected signal parameters. This helps to:

  • Delay aircraft detection;
  • Mask the true subject against false reflections;
  • Cause range finding difficulties, namely in speed and angular positions;
  • Degrading Maintenance Mode “on the aisle” when scanning antenna beam radar;
  • Increase the time and difficulty of capturing an object during real-time active scanning.

“We are moving forward and are currently at the final stage of developing new technologies, for example, the Khibiny-U,” Mikheyev said.

The Khibiny-U is the next-generation modification of the onboard defense system with expanded capabilities by the frequency band, the range of targets and other parameters, he said.

A contract with Russia’s Defense Ministry for developing the Khibiny-U onboard electronic warfare system was signed at the MAKS aerospace show outside Moscow in 2013. It was reported that the contract for carrying out R&D work to develop the fighter jets’ defense system against surface-to-air missiles and conducting all types of trials was worth 1.6 billion rubles ($28 million at the current exchange rate).

The onboard defense system comprises integrated technical means designed to identify and classify the threat of the protected object’s destruction, and also to neutralize it.