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NATO jets in Baltics scrambled once last week over Russian warplane

NATO fighter-jets patrolling Baltic airspace were scrambled once last week to identify and escort a Russian military plane in international airspace over the Baltic Sea, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

The Alliance’s fighters on Oct. 18 intercepted a Su-24 plane on its way from Russia’s Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad to mainland Russia, it said.

The aircraft flew according to a flight plan, its transponder was switched off and the crew did not maintain radio contact with the regional air traffic control center.

NATO’s fighter-jets conduct the Baltic air-policing mission from Lithuania and Estonia.


‘Russian Knights’ conduct interception skills exercise

Su-35SM, Marina Lystseva/TASS

MOSCOW, October 12. /TASS/.

Pilots of the Russian Knights aerobatic team flying Su-30SM planes drilled the skills of intercepting and destroying a maneuver enemy fighter jet during exercises, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“The crew of a MiG-31BM interceptor aircraft played the role of the maneuver enemy. The aircraft took off from an aerodrome in the Nizhny Novgorod region and approached the zone of responsibility of air defense forces at a high speed and at an altitude of more than 10,000 meters, ignoring requests from air traffic controllers,” the ministry said.

Two crews of the aerobatics team took off from the Kubinka airfield outside Moscow, intercepted the target and simulated its destruction.

Tactical flight drills are conducted as part of a control check for the 2017 academic year. It involves more than ten crews of Russian Knights and Swifts aerobatic teams using Su-30SM and MiG-29 planes.





UAE wants to buy over a squadron of Su-35 advanced fighter jets from Russia

MOSCOW, October 3. /TASS/.

The United Arab Emirates wants to buy over a squadron of Sukhoi Su-35 advanced fighter jets from Russia and the contract may be signed by the end of 2017, a source in the system of military and technical cooperation told TASS on Tuesday.

“They want a lot, over a squadron but the exact number will be specified in the course of negotiations that may be held in November during an air show in Dubai,” the source said.

The relevant contract may be signed by the yearend, if the negotiations are successful, the source said.

TASS does not yet have an official confirmation of this information.

A squadron is a tactical Air Force unit, which consists of formations and wings and also comprises aircraft maintenance personnel. A fighter aviation squadron in the Russian Air Force normally comprises 12 aircraft but their exact number depends on the type of an aviation regiment.

The Su-35 is a Russian-made multipurpose generation 4++ super-maneuverable fighter jet equipped with a phased array radar and steerable thrusters. It can develop a speed of up to 2,500 kilometers per hour and has a flying range of 3,400 kilometers and a combat radius close to 1,600 kilometers. The fighter jet is armed with a 30mm gun and has 12 hardpoints for carrying bombs and missiles.

The UAE currently has 49 Mirage 2000-9/EAD/RAD and 55 F-16E fighter jets in it’s combat aircraft inventory.


Russian planes return to bases after Zapad-2017 exercise

MiG-29SMT (МиГ-29СМТ) returning to base

MOSCOW, September 20. /TASS/.

Planes and helicopters of Russia’s Aerospace Force and the Western Military District are returning to their bases after the Zapad-2017 strategic exercise, the Defense Ministry said.

“The crews of tactical and army aircraft of the Aerospace Force and the Western Military District, which participated in the joint strategic exercise Zapad-2017, have begun to return to their permanent locations,” the Defense Ministry said.

The Sukhoi-35S, MiG-31BM, MiG-29SMT, Sukhoi-30SM, Sukhoi-24M, Sukhoi-34 and Sukhoi-25 planes and helicopters Mi-28N, Mi-35, Mi-8 and Ka-52, which were involved in different episodes of the drills, some of them in Belarus, will be back to base within two days.

“The aircrews coped with all of their tasks despite bad weather, including tactical airborne assault, support for ground troops, interception of air targets and strikes against targets on the ground,” the Defense Ministry said.

The joint Russian-Belarussian strategic exercise Zapad-2017 was held in the territory of both countries on September 14-20. Taking part in them were about 12,700 officers and men, (including about 10,200 in Belarus), about 70 planes and helicopters, up to 680 ground vehicles, including 250 tanks, up to 200 artillery pieces, multiple rocket launchers and mortars, and ten ships.




NATO jets scrambled 3 times from Lithuania last week over Russian warplanes

An F-15C of the 493d Fighter Squadron (493 FS), nicknamed “The Grim Reapers”, scrambles on a practice intercept at RAF Lakenheath. The Squadron is presently on Baltic Air Policing duties in Siauliai, Lithuania

VILNIUS, Sept 11 (LETA–BNS) – NATO fighter-jets serving in the air-policing mission of the Baltic states were last week scrambled three times from Lithuania to intercept Russian warplanes flying above the Baltic Sea, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

At the end of the week, air-policing jets identified and accompanied two Russian fighter-jets Su-27 flying in the international airspace. The NATO jets were scrambled two more times on Friday over An-12 transport airplane.

All four Russian aircraft had their onboard transponders off.

The NATO air-policing mission is conducted from Lithuania and Estonia.

In response to the upcoming Russian-Belarusian exercise Zapad 2017, it was reinforced with additional US fighter-jets at the end of August.


Belgian jets conduct first Baltic air policing intercept of their deployment

TALLINN, Sep 06, BNS – Just after taking over the augmenting role for NATO’s Baltic air policing mission at Amari air base in Estonia, Belgian F-16 fighter jets were scrambled by the alliance’s Combined Air Operations Center in Germany on Tuesday for the first time to respond to an air incident in international airspace over the Baltic Sea, NATO’s Air Command said in a press release.

On Tuesday afternoon, a NATO radar picked up two Russian air force fighter jets leaving Kaliningrad airspace heading north in international airspace. The military aircraft did not communicate their identity and were not in contact with civilian air traffic control agencies, the release said.

In line with standard procedures, the Belgian F-16s then took to the skies to identify the Russian Sukhoi Su-27 jets, which subsequently joined up with a Russian Ilyushin Il-76 heavy cargo aircraft. All Russian aircraft returned to Kaliningrad and the Belgian F-16 jets safely landed at Amari air base.

At present the Baltic air policing mission is led by U.S. Air Force F-15 fighters deployed to Siauliai, Lithuania, and the Belgian F-16s in Amari, Estonia.


Russia plans to export weapons worth $47-50 bln

Sukhoi Su-30 Multi-role combat fighter jet in various forms currently operated by 12 nations

The book order for the export of Russian military hardware is worth $47-50 billion, Director of the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugayev said on Wednesday.

“Our book order is in the range of $47-50 billion. We believe that this trend will persist. The book order is a very important thing as it speaks about the commitments of our suppliers,” he said at a press conference devoted to the results of the Army-2017 international military and technical forum.

Combat aircraft account for about 50% of Russia’s total arms exports, Shugayev said.

“The figures were already mentioned. They indicate that the volume [of aircraft supplies] on the world market is 27% We are approaching the level of about 30% for the delivery of land-based military hardware while air defense systems make up somewhere 20% and naval hardware accounts for 6-7%,” he said.

Russia exports “the entire range of fighter jets” widely known on world markets, Shugayev said. These are Sukhoi Su-30 fighter aircraft, modernized Mikoyan MiG-29 planes, the latest MiG-35s, Mil Mi-35, Mi-28, Mi-17 and Kamov Ka-52 helicopters and Yak-130 combat trainers, he said.

“From among air defense systems, the greatest interest is shown in the S-400 complexes, Tor and Buk systems, Igla man-portable air defense missile systems, various armored vehicles, T-90 and T-90S tanks, striking complexes and electronic warfare means,” Shugayev said.

The Army-2017 international military and technical forum was held in the Patriot Park outside Moscow on August 22-27.






Finland to conduct an evaluation visit in Russia

Sukhoi Su-35S aircraft based at Besovets air base in Karelia

Finland will conduct a confidence and security building evaluation visit in accordance with the Vienna Document 2011 in Russia from 29 to 31 August 2017. The evaluation visit will comply with the bilateral agreement between Finland and Russia concerning an additional annual evaluation.

The purpose of the evaluation visit is to establish that information gathered in an assessment conducted at Besovets earlier in the year, still adheres to the framework of the agreement. The object of the visit is to assess the 159th Fighter Aviation Regiment stationed at Besovets air base.

The Finnish three-person evaluation team is being led by Colonel Martti J. Kari.

Petrozavodsk Airport (Russian: Аэропорт Петрозаводск, Karelian: Petroskoin lendoazema; (IATA: PES, ICAO: ULPB); ex: Besovets, Petrozavodsk-2) is a joint civil-military airport in Russia located 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) northwest of Petrozavodsk in Besovets, Shuya Rural Settlement (municipality). It services small airliners. It is a minor airfield with 12 parking stands and a small amount of tarmac space.

The delivery ceremony marking the arrival of the first Sukhoi Su-35S aircraft to Besovets air base in December 2016

The airfield has seen military use as an interceptor base. During the 1960s or 1970s Sukhoi Su-15 aircraft were based at Besovets. During the 1970s it was home to the 991st Fighter Aviation Regiment (991 IAP), which flew Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 ‘Foxbat’ aircraft.

In 1992-93, the 159th Fighter Aviation Regiment (159 IAP) transferred in from Poland, having left the 4th Air Army. and is now part of the 54th Air Defence Corps, 6th Air and Air Defence Forces Army. It now flies the Sukhoi Su-35S and Su-27SM aircraft as part of the Russian Federation’s aircraft modernisation programme. The fleet at Besovets is due for completion in 2017.


Russian, Turkish air aces perform demonstration flights on last day of Army-2017 forum

MiG-29 fighters. Marina Lysceva

KUBINKA /Moscow region/, August 28. /TASS/. The Russkiye Vityazi (or Russian Knights), Strizhi (or Swifts), Sokoly Rossii (or Russian Falcons) and Berkuty (or Golden Eagles) Russian aerobatic teams, as well as the Turkish Stars aerobatic team, performed demonstration flights at the Alabino training range, located in the Moscow region, on the last day of the Army-2017 International Military Forum, the forum’s press center said.

“The Strizhi and Berkuty teams performed formation aerobatics using the Mikoyan MiG-29 fighters and the Mil Mi-28N attack helicopters,” a source in the press center said.

“The Sokoly Rossii team performed a simulated two-on-two close air combat involving the Sukhoi Su-35S fighters, while the Turkish Stars carried out demonstrations flights over the Kubinka airfield on the F-5 aircraft,” he added.

Besides, the Russian Aerospace Force’s aircraft also delivered paratroopers to the site right before the eyes of spectators and provided air fire support, the press center said.

The Army-2017 International Military Forum was held on August 22-27, venues included training ranges of Russia’s Western, Southern, Central and Eastern Military Districts and the Northern Fleet.






Defence official hopes for boost to Polish air force

Polish Air Force MiG-29 at the 2013 Royal International Air Tattoo.

Polish Deputy Defence Minister Bartlomiej Grabski said he hoped the air force’s post-Soviet equipment would be withdrawn quickly, and that Poland’s defence would undergo changes.

He also thanked air force service men and women for their hard work.

The celebrations, which featured an aerobatic display, were attended by government officials, clergymen, top military brass, and the families of fallen pilots at the monument to the Polish airmen who fell during the Second World War. (vb)

Source: IAR

Strategic bombers of Russian Air Force make flights over Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan

Tupolev Tu-95MS

Russia’s Tu-95MS strategic bombers have made scheduled flights over the neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean and several seas, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Thursday.

“The Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers of the Aerospace Forces carried out scheduled flights over the neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, Yellow and the East China Seas.

Along the route long-range aircraft were accompanied by Su-35S fighters of the Eastern Military District, as well as by the A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft of the Military Transport Aviation, “the ministry said.

“At certain stages of the flight, Russian strategic missile carriers were accompanied by aircraft of the Air Force of the Republic of Korea and Japan Air Self-Defense Force,” the ministry added.

Mitsubishi F-2A of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force

The Defense Ministry also reported that during the flights strategic bombers carried out refueling in the air.